The Australian Paradox: Flipping the stats on Bowel Cancer

The stats are pretty grim. I won’t play fear tactics with you. We all know that cancer is everywhere.

But did you know the majority of cancers can be prevented?

In fact up to 95% of all cancers have their roots in lifestyle and diet*.

Woah! Did you just read that right? Yep!

That means that most of us can actively avoid cancer!

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Dairy: We need to rethink recommendations

Did you know that Australians are one of the fattest nations in the world?

Did you know that sugary drinks are the number one source of sugar consumed by Australians?

You did?

Did you also know that the SECOND greatest source of total sugar intake is DAIRY?

That’s yoghurt, coffee, tea, flavoured milk and icecream just to name a few. A small tub of yoghurt can contain up to 6 teaspoons of sugar!

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Your genetics and coffee: Do they play well together?

Where would most of us be without coffee.

It gets us moving. It helps us to face the day. It even helps move our bowels 🙂

But this blessed bean is not so beneficial for everyone.

There are two camps; one can detoxify coffee and the other can’t and it’s the reason why there’s so much conflicting research around this pretty little brown bean.

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