Breakfast? It’s as easy as one, two, three.

I love Muesli. And I mean love it .

But it gets boring… same ol same ol ~ day in day out.

But trust me – it doesn’t have to be that way.


I’ve added three beautiful easy muesli recipes that use the same base ingredients but then adds a punch of flavour with just a few simple add ons!

Get Your Summer On (All year round!)

Mango and macadamia nut sprinkled with cinnamon. One of my favourite food combinations! Anyone else just love it? I use frozen mango chunks so I can keep summer rolling around every day of the year. The best thing about Mango is – it’s bursting full of Vitamin C which supports our immune system and helps make our skin glow.


Like a warm blanket… Comfort food at it’s best.

Some mornings (or even late evenings) I just enjoy a warm bowl of pick me up. And this is my go to. I use 100% peanut butter (with no added nasties), raw cocoa nibs and a hefty dose of cocoa powder. Since peanut butter is a warm gooey addition I only use hot water to create the perfect consistency. Adding coconut cream like I usually do – makes it super thick. Something to remember – cocoa is quite bitter so I usually add a little honey to this recipe to balance out the flavours.


Sweet and Pretty

This is a beautiful and slightly unusual flavour combination, but really yummy. – Cashew and Beetroot. Beetroot you said? Yep! Powdered beetroot is an awesome addition to lots of sweet style healthy recipes. I’ve added a tsp of beetroot to this dish which makes it a power packed breaky perfect for a big day. Beetroot is the hottest thing hitting the fitness circuit at the moment as it quickly pumps up the oxygen content in your body. And it’s also a great natural source of iron (perfect for us women).


I use these and several more flavour combinations to add intensity and character to my otherwise ordinary breakfast.

I would love to hear your favourite recipes!

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Author: TammyS