Your genetics and coffee: Do they play well together?

Where would most of us be without coffee.

It gets us moving. It helps us to face the day. It even helps move our bowels 🙂

But this blessed bean is not so beneficial for everyone.

There are two camps; one can detoxify coffee and the other can’t and it’s the reason why there’s so much conflicting research around this pretty little brown bean.

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Beating Fatigue With Three Simple Steps

When your alarm goes off in the morning does it feel like someone’s just switched the light on?

Does your mind and your body say… “Yes! I’m ready for an awesome day ahead!”

Or does it really say…

I need more sleep…

Is it really morning already…


Quick put the coffee in my hand…now.

If your in the first category,

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Dieting Myths, Shattered dreams and Empty wallets.

What do these all have in common?

They walk the streets together looking for whom they can devour. Are you next?

There are so many dieting myths out there it was hard to narrow it down to only three. So here are my three top pet hates and in my book the destroyers of dreams – because they all lead to one thing.

Weight Gain

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