Dieting Myths, Shattered dreams and Empty wallets.

What do these all have in common?

They walk the streets together looking for whom they can devour. Are you next?

There are so many dieting myths out there it was hard to narrow it down to only three. So here are my three top pet hates and in my book the destroyers of dreams – because they all lead to one thing.

Weight Gain

No. 1 Eat less = lose weight

Let’s blast this myth straight out of the water. The old ‘calories in- calories out’ paradigm has failed to provide any sustainable results. What this paradigm fails to address is the cause of the weight gain. It fails to educate a person about healthy choices and real food. It also ignores the vitamin, mineral and phytochemical value of food.

Choosing food based on its perceived calorie intake fails to provide the body with good whole food nutrition. And eventually this mentality will leave us tired, hungry and nutrition deficient thus creating a self-perpetuating cycle of fad dieting and binge eating.

No. 2 Dieting and a Healthy Lifestyle is the same thing.

Fad diets come and go and most people who follow them will lose a few kilos here or there. In fact sometimes they might even get great results! But unless the ‘diet’ can be transformed into a healthy lifestyle the changes will fail to stick and the weight will rebound.

Rapid weight loss that is based on drastic measures (like quitting sugar or low calorie diets) will eventually become unsustainable and the body will fight to regain the weight. This is called homeostasis (which means ‘to maintain balance’) and is an essential function of the human body. So, yes, in this case, your body is actually working against your ability to keep the weight off. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and guilt.

No. 3 Detox away your unwanted fat!

Australians have spent millions on detox products in an effort to shed those extra kilos. Now, don’t get me wrong, the elimination channels play an important role in eliminating excess weight. But taking a ‘detox’ pill, liquid or tea for 7 days won’t help shift years of poor food choices and lack of physical movement. The initial weight loss observed from these products is one of two things.

One; Water. Detox formulas increase water loss from the kidneys and for those who retain excess water in their tissue it can appear as though they have lost a couple of kilos of fat.Two; Feces. Yes, you heard me right poop. Thanks to our typical western diet and lifestyle the bowel can store kilos of poop at any one time. Opening up the bowel and beginning daily movements can cause a dramatic weight loss thus turning the scales in our favour.

Detoxing for health is another issue but in short spending a fortune on well marketed weight loss pills is not the answer.

So, is it possible to lose weight? Of course!

So, what does it look like?

No.1 Slow steady sustainable changes.

We’re all fighting to find the balance in life so making drastic heath changes will only set you up for failure. Changes should be paced so they stick and in a way that supports our homeostasis.

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No. 2 Focus on real food.

Our body requires vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals for us to be at our best and these can only be found in whole minimally processed foods. So any weight loss program should focus on eating good wholesome food.

No. 3 There is no one size fits all approach.

Any effective weight loss program will be based on eating nutritious food and moving your body but unfortunately this looks different for everybody in the real world. If you have struggled with your journey pop us a line here for a free 15 min strategy session. I have a long list of raving fans that can attest to the success of a personalized program.

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Author: TammyS