Food Switching is Easy with Cauliflower Rice

Nutritious food doesn’t have to be ordinary or boring. It can be fun, exciting and taste great!

The journey from where you are now to where you want to be can often be difficult and tiresome. But I know this one health food hack will make the transition all that easier. And we all want easy.

Swap it out : Swap it in.

Creating healthy versions of your favourite foods can be the first step in the process of making the change that will help add years to your life.

Old habits are hard to break and may look a little something like this…
Friday Night Pizza.
Cheap Tuesday Take Out.
Rice and Butter Chicken
Easy Pasta Dinners

But it won’t take long before you’re whipping out some fresh, healthy homemade alternatives without loosing flavour or pizazz.

There’s two tricks I recommend to begin switching out unhealthy food options and switching in the healthy ones!

No. 1 Try new foods.
If you want to master a healthy lifestyle and diet the hard truth for most is that there will be sacrifice. There will be regular personalities in your diet that will have to now make one off appearances, at least until you reach your goals. That will leave plenty of space for new and exciting things for you to try. Which brings me to point no.2.

No. 2. Don’t pretend they are old foods.
It may sound obvious but homemade pizza on whole wheat pita breads just won’t taste the same as your take out version. (Shocking, I know :P) But once your taste buds have been given some time- they will begin to love your new foods. I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients. You will see change and it will become easier.

So to help you make a smooth transition I’ve added my favourite switch food that my family really loves and when cooked right can be an awesome addition to so many meals.

Walnut and Cauliflower Rice

Step One. Dice all the cauliflower into 1 inch chunks.
I use a whole head of cauliflower for my family of 5.


Step Two. Pulse the raw cauliflower in small batches until it becomes like a breadcrumb consistency. Not too fine or it will become mushy when cooked. I used my Ninja to do this step but you could use either a food processor or just manually dice it fine with a hand grater.


Step Three. Once all cauliflower has been pulsed, set aside. Saute one to two diced onion with a tablespoon of crushed garlic in a hot pan with a tablespoon of cooking oil. (I use coconut but butter, peanut or rice bran oil make good alternatives).
Once onion is cooked to your liking add the cauliflower and some diced mushrooms (optional) and saute until softened.IMG_1675

Step Four. Flavour to your liking. Here is where you can get really creative. I used a moroccan spice mix and diced walnuts to add extra flavour. With a splash of worcestershire sauce to keep the husband happy it was ready for serving.

I like to serve it on a bed of baby spinach with a large portion of grilled salmon (yum … my favourite).


Get it on your plate!

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Author: TammyS