Health can be defined by the absence of disease.

Yet, even with the absence of disease we can lack wholeness. Each one of us has a physical body, an emotional soul, and a spiritual core. We can spend our whole lives at the gym, eat a healthy diet yet neglect our thought patterns or deny ourselves time away from the chaos of this busy world.

As a holistic nutritionist, I look at people’s current state of health and draw for myself a picture of who they are. Yes, my primary concern is their physical health, but experience has taught me to look beyond what I merely see in front of me.

During a consultation questions I might ask myself are;

  • When did all this begin for them?
  • What was their breaking point?
  • What are they willing to sacrifice to get well?

These are questions that go beyond their physical health. And the answers can help shape each individuals health plan. I have seen a chronic eczema client find little relief from diet and herbal treatment and yet have complete remission when they left a destructive relationship. And, I’ve witnessed clinical depressed clients get their lives back through nutrition counselling.

Wholeness is a lifestyle that nourishes each part of who we are and holistic health is a method of treatment that takes all three components into consideration and the undeniable connection between those components.

So, next time you consider your health ask yourself this question…

“Am I healthy inside and out? Or am I neglecting an important part of who I am?”

Tough question I know. But I’m confident the answer can be life changing.

Author: TammyS