house on fire firefighters

Inflammation comes from the Latin word ‘inflammo’ which means to ‘set alight’ or ignite’. Inflammation is a natural part of the healing process and is marked by redness, heat, pain, swelling and loss of function, but what happens when the flame is allowed to burn?

Simply put: The house burns down.

Most health issues are conditions of chronic inflammation like fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And often our diet and lifestyle adds fuel to the fire.

Here is a brief list of the arsenal you have at your disposal to help put the fire out;

  • turmeric and ginger 
  • oily fish and raw olive oil 
  • green tea, dark grape juice
  • and fruits and vegetables for example; white onions, berries , green leafy’s and pretty much everything brightly coloured.

Eat and drink a variety of these everyday.

If your house was burning down would you continue to pour oil on it while the fire fighters were dousing the house with water?

Of course not.

To work with the fire fighters it pays to reduce consumption of the following; red and processed meat, dairy (especially milk and hard cheese), sugar and refined grains and of course smoking and alcohol.

So, what’s going on at your house today?

Fire or Fire Fighting?

Author: TammyS